The Questions Warrior Presents For The Future

What we see from laxallstars.com’s noted contributor Connor Wilson is a first impression of the newly announced Warrior Warp lacrosse head. Coming from a tried student of the game, Connor analyzes the “pros and cons” that could be present in the newest product from Warrior and lays the groundwork for discussion regarding the evolution of not just this product, but how it could influence the rest of the game. Meanwhile coming from comlax.com, we now have a full preview of Warrior’s new Warp head. Luckily for everyone involved, many of the questions people had when the head was first announced are seemingly answered. We even have a price now!

Key Takeaways:

  1. PRICE: It’s important to watch how the price point ($249.99) of Warrior’s next advancement will affect the access for not just elite level players but the larger lacrosse community
  2.  CONSISTENCY: Based on what we’ve seen and now heard from hands-on              impressions, the Warp is a game changer when it comes to consistent accuracy.
  3. VIABILITY: Perhaps the biggest question that won’t be answered until later in the future is how receptive the lacrosse community will be to this new advancement. New technology is always a risky venture.


(photo courtesy of comlax.com)